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August 08, 2005


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Maureen McCabe

Here's a cyber hug Frances! Keep up the good work.

Jane N-B

Sounds like fun, Frances! Wish I could be there with y'all, blogging away :-)


Nancy McCord

We have successfully used a blog in conjunction with our website http://www.homes-database.com/

We have found that having a blog has increased our website traffic over 30% the first month when we introduced it. When we took a break, our traffic dropped 25%. Nearly 18 to 25% of our regular website visitors are looking at our blog.

We have used our blog to showcase our new listings, white paper like articles on mortgages, financing, and other important topics that affect our clientele on a daily basis.

We strongly recommend that you use a blog to help keep your content fresh for search engines.

Ryan James

Just like any other marketing tool, the REALTOR still needs to be able to use the technology and be able to provide useful content. For most agents, time to create and maintain a blog is a rare commodity.



when we think that we have to go on the top then why we dont struggle. I dont say that your blog is not great its great but if you want that the people likes to visit more and more and they contect with you then you have to make up this blog better and better so that people came and visit your blog more and more they like your blog they vist your blog and tell others also thay tis blog is great so i this way you got more contects.

Philippines properties for sale

For me, blogging is a great tool for a real estate business. There's nothing wrong with it. I agree with Shaina, make up this blog better and better so that people came and visit your blog more and more.


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