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July 22, 2005


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Dee Behrens

I commend you for bringing this site to public attention, and other sites relating to fraudlent acts in real estate and lending.In recent months I have coped with gross inefficientcy obtaining a mortage for my client at Wells Fargo. My associate listed and closed a home, only to have WF return the $178,000 payoff check (some three weeks later) to the title company stating the home was in foreclosure. The agent had done due-diligence with WF, to determine the payoff, including back payments, penalties,etc,and sending the contract to WF for their approval. Afer returning the payoff check, WF continued to accumulate interest, and attorneys' fees. Is this fraud or "how can we screw you"? The seller had recently undergone strokes and was furthr upset by this event.Sales price of this property was $225,000. I personally think the title company was negligent as well. Any comments?

ralph roberts

I have been investigating this personally for two years.
I have 1000's of pages of documents and taped conversations to support my experience and research.
I am the author of 4 best selling books but unfortunately do not have the best writting and spelling abilities. My other books have used ghost writers. This subject is near to my heart since I have been a top agent in the US for many years.

Eugenia Renskoff

Hello, I was a victim of mortgage fraud 4 years ago and I need help. It happened in Atlanta, GA. and my home foreclosed last year. Eugenia Renskoff


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Eugenia Renskoff

Hello, I feel that mortgage fraud and predatory lending practices are crimes that need to stop ASAP.Mortgage officers responsible for these crimes need to be punished. Eugenia Renskoff

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