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March 19, 2005


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Darby Walker

When I was just 16yrs old, my aunt and uncle drove me to a home they were looking to purchase. It was the Perea Casa in Corrales. I am now 40yrs old and went to vist my aunt two years ago and stayed in this home. After all these years, it still remains to be quite amazing with so many intricate details all of which are original regardless of what it looks like inside. Every room was filled with boxes, rooms that were filled to the ceiling with family things. I was so overwhelmed that I photographed the inside of the home. My aunt who is a remarkable woman, loved this house and all that it was for all the years she and my uncle owned it. I hope that the person(s) who purchase this property will take good care of it. I am truley saddened that it was left in the state it was.
Darby Walker

Tim Steider

I am one of the owners now, and we are cleaning and repairing the house to keep it in as pristine condition as possible. With the great history it has, it deserves some TLC. It is an amazing house, and we truly hope the new owner will appreciate how special it is. FYI, the ghost of Mr. Perea has not been throwing orange peels lately. The house is quite nice and we have not felt the old ghost stories will stigmatize this house. We will try to have an open house when it is spiffed up so neighbors, friends and relatives can see the home before we sell it.

Paul Shutco

My brother and i are restoring the house right now It is a very beautiful home and when finished will look even better. As for the ghost I haven't seen him yet..

Michael Walsh

I have appraised some strange properties in my life, but never a haunted one.

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yeah me too.. haunted real estate is a scary thing..


Anna odom

My family lived in the Perea House for a few years in the early 70's and were visited by many spirits including the original builder, Juan Perea. My Mom kept diaries of these visits as did I. It was very interesting living with the ghosts. I hope the house is happy again. Anna

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I experienced living in a historical house with ghost, this is one of my worst experience ever in my life.



Anna odom, I hope the house is happy again to you!

Susan Greene


We lived up in the pent house when your family owned Casa Perea. I was married in the Sala in 1974 - your sister played the piano for the wedding. Please contact me...


Susan Greene


Juan Perea and children are buried in ABQ at Fairview Cemetery. I am the historian for Fairview and have always wondered why they were not buried in San Ysidro Cemetery.

Call Fairview to contact me - I would love to talk about old times.


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