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February 21, 2005


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Andy Svendsen

I was glad you took my advice years ago by building new WalMart in Palatka when i called R.E. division about lack of parking in old store//On another matter//I hear you are thinking envirnment to clean your image/I have a 208 acre wetland parcel in Rockport,Tx called "SALT LAKE"//i have been in touch with Robert Adami[361-939-8745]Texas Parks & Wildlife about doing what Dow Chemical did with them in Jackson,Tx.,donating 13 million for restoration of game fish//From my places in DownEast,Me./Canadian Cod are gone/Lobster so overfished,that the boats going out of New Bedford & Long Island,doesn't even pay for gas to go out/In Fl.,I see Draggers not allowed/These stocks must be replenished through hatchers with fish release/Some of acreage could go for this by dredging up sand for pools/On profit side maybe cat fish farms as only 75 acres were used at Jackson,Tx./Possible hunting retreat on part/It would have to be worked on with Texas Wildlife[Patty Cardoza]worked on Dows grant/You could either buy me out at 200K or I could be part of it with my land.Aerial photo of islands & salt lake/1963 photo I.D#19163-04/Nations Bank/Rockport-Fulton,Tx/PSI PROJ#527-5G056/Robert Adami has info on this and as an Envirnmentalist/would like to see State envolved/Monet if the factor//Thank you/Andy

Frank Zappia

I understand that because Hannaford stores has a clause in their lease you have to scrap building a new super center in Massena, new york.
I own 89 acres on the pontoon bridge road in Massena, New York, where a new water line will be installed soon.
It is 5 minutes from the center of the Village and on a main road to the Alcoa plant and to the st. lawrence river.

If interested contack

Frank S. Zappia sr.
4981 4th place
Vero Beach,Fl.

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