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    Paul Gruber

    Does your Real Estate Broker suck?

    After being in the real estate business for over eight years I’ve made some discoveries and observations. I’ve found that there are some real estate agents that don’t take the risk needed to launch their self into greatness.
    If I had to boil it down to the one reason why agents, or people in general don’t propel their selves into greatness it’s because of this, SELF ESTEEM.
    We as a nation are suffering from an epidemic of Low Self Esteem.

    I believe that low self esteem has been breed into us at a very early stage in life. Our family, friends, and peers taught us that we are not worthy of greatness.
    As Jack Canfield talked about in his book “The Success Principals”
    Jack referred to these people as “Dream Busters”

    Do you want to take it to the next level in your life?
    If yes, I strongly suggest these steps:
    1) Avoid Dream Busters; at all cost, get the people out of your life that are busting your Dreams.
    2) Surround yourself with Dream Supporters. Find people who acknowledge you and support you.
    3) Find Mentors and Coaches; these are people who will bring out the best in you and challenge you.
    4) Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try something that will push you, do something risky, and take a chance.

    In parting, if you’ve never made a comment on a blog, take a little time and comment on this one.


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