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    You may be correct that Lereah disputed the use of the "B" word, but he certainly didn't avoid using it. Early on, he acknowledged that the popular press has repeatedly used the B word in a series of feature stories which peaked this summer (see list below), but contrary to those news sources he contended:

    "...we don't have hard evidence there is a bubble waiting to burst and that is what you have to deal with... buyers who say they don't want to buy because all they hear from the media is that the bubble is going to burst."

    "The message I am sending throughout this convention is that "The boom is winding down to an expansion," it's a good spin isn't it? But it is true."

    Later in the presentation, Lereach used the B word again, this time announcing that NAR had issued "Anti-Bubble Reports" in over 140 markets nationwide. "They look at your fundamentals and we do a STRESS TEST, ...assessing what would happen to the housing market in your are if there were job losses.

    Economist - After the Fal
    Forture - Real estate gold rush
    Businessweek - After the housing boom
    Newsweek - real estate gone wild
    Money - are home prices really so crazy?
    Kiplinger - the 13 riskiest housing markets
    WSJ - Crash test: Does a housing bust hurt more than a stock collapse

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