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    Carol Williams

    Very interesting. Do you suppose the comments that they "appreciate all you are doing" was a shallow attempt at being polite? Wonder why they prefer the professional journalists put their spin on the session, as compared to that of an in the trenches agent? Shall we start a whole series of articles speculating on such? Ummm... could be fun.

    Eric Haller

    I would venture to say that Lucien Salvant in fact does NOT appreciate what you are doing. But it's not that much of a surprise to me the NAR would underestimate or totally disregard the value, and especially the power, of blogs.

    Mike C


    You must have been lusting after the free groceries and tchotchke. But take heart, any "working reporter" worth their laptop has been kicked out of a press conference a time or two, and even out of a few press rooms, although the latter usually as a result of inebriation. Nevertheless, the fact you've been booted should be credential enough for access in the future to any "working press" room not heavily guarded by NAR-zilla. And, because I are one I can honestly say, at any given moment, "working reporter/press" is an oxymoron.


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