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    your observations about what consumers desire is shared by many people, including myself. i am proud to announce, for the first time anywhere, that our organization has been developing this venue for many months now. our consumer friendly real estate community is called sellsius. our goal is to debut sellsius @ the 2005 TRIPLE PLAY Realtor convention & trade expo. this event will take place in atlantic city, new jersey on December 6.7.8.

    more information will be available soon...

    best regards,


    my prayers go out to all the 9/11 families & victims of Katrina.
    "we will never forget"
    "we will rebuild"


    We agree with you completely and have launched The US Condo Exchange ( ) to address the needs of each member of the community seeking to have access to an open community where everyone can make informed,timely and efficient decisions as they buy, sell, list, compare and research CONDOS.

    Please visit to see what we are doing.

    warm regards,


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