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    Fran / BlogSamaritans,

    Isn't it amazing how tragedy brings out the best in people? The blogsophere has connected us in unimaginable ways, magnifying our potential to show support and do good.

    If you have not visited it yet,, is a case study in the power of citizen journalism and human compasssion.

    1. Check out their collection of "What's Happened To My Neighborhood?" links on their home page. One neighborhood alone has more than 7,000 posts.

    2. More than 140 posts have already been made in response to NOLA's Forum: "Is your home open for sharing?" (Can you believe the placement on the home page? 3rd lead, right under the lead story about President Bush saying the recovery could take years. How's that for heroic Southern Hospitality?)

    3. Anyone who's tried to host a chat on their real estate site, and been disappointed by the small number of participants, will be stunned by the number people on NOLAs' 24/7 hurricane chat, see:

    4. More stunning is the content. Reading comments about missing persons is reminiscent of 9/11, and one is moved naturally, as the first wave of postings on the RealEstateBlogSquad's attest, to reach out and ask, "How can I help?"

    If you'd like to send a message of support, NOLA has made that easy by creating this link:

    If you have the time and energy (God Bless, You!) for a bigger challenge, NOLA has launched a new Volunteer link on their home page. There are only a handful of postings right now, but this where words turn into action and citizen journalists turn into CyberSamaritans.

    Glad to be among a group of real estate's first responders, and looking forward to reading more about how the real estate industry can / is responding to meet the short-term and long-term housing needs of hundreds of thousands in the Gulf region.

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